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For anyone visiting Lampasas for a day or more, locating and enjoying the murals is a great way to spend a little time. The murals tell individual stories of the heritage of Lampasas. For now they are all near the historic district, so it’s possible to find them while your exploring the downtown area.

The Lampasas historic district is wonderful. Several blocks surrounding the downtown square present dozens and dozens of buildings dating from before 1950. It is a National Register historic district for a reason. Vision Lampasas, or technically I guess it’s actually the Art Committee of Vision Lampasas, developed a master plan including 4, then 6 and probably more murals spread around the historic downtown area. The plan was to beautify the historic district, and as far as I can tell it’s working.

The Murals

Lampasas Mural - Boot RoundupMural number one’s subject is boots. This subject was selected for the sake of the talented local boot makers and the relationship of boots to the rural western heritage of the area. This mural is located near the intersection of Western and 4th Streets.

Lampasas Mural GenerationsThis second mural, titled “Generations” is a tribute to the many business that have occupied this building located at the intersection of 2nd and Western streets since the late 1800’s. It is today the home of Lampasas Hardware.

Lampasas Mural - Postcard from LampasasMural number three, “Postcard from Lampasas,” was inspired by the big decorative 3D type found on vintage postcards. A lanky cowboy symbolic of the old West and cow country graces a scene drawn from the contemporary Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden located in Campbell Park. This mural is located at the intersection of 6th and Western streets.

Lampasas Mural - Water is LifeMural number four, “Water is Life,” tells the story of the Sulphur Creek watershed and its significance, both historical and contemporary, to the people of Lampasas. “Water is Life” is located in the breezeway (alley) on the east side of the town square. Arguably the most elaborate of all the murals. Be sure to pass through to the Pocket Park out back beyond the buildings.

Lampasas Mural - Lampasas County WildflowersThe fifth in the series of murals, “Lampasas County Wildflowers,” depicts seed packets of wildflowers hung against a blue sky and green grass characteristic of Lampasas. This mural is an assemblage. The seed packets are suspended on top of the painted wall. This mural is also near the Square and at the intersection of East 4th and South Pecan Streets.

Lampasas Mural - Hunt & Fish In Lampasas County The sixth Lampasas Mural “Hunt & Fish In Lampasas County” depicts the tradition of fishing and hunting in Lampasas County. This mural is also an assemblage with three dimensional features. This mural is also near the Square and at the intersection of 4th and Live Oak Streets.

The murals are not hard to find. They tell a story, if your interested enough to understand it. There’s a map with location information on the Vision Lampasas web site. You can go there and print it out if you want to use it as a reference.


Lampasas Texas

Map for Murals