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Reflection on Sacrifice, Heroic and Pure

The Flight 93 National Memorial near Shanksville Pennsylvania is our nation’s lasting tribute to those brave individuals of Flight 93 who gave their lives, in service of their great county, on September 11, 2001. I visited last year at the time of the dedication of the Flight 93 National Memorial.  

I have been holding on to these images and thoughts for almost a year now. This National Park pays tribute to such a grand act of humanity, and it took some time to know what I wanted to say about it.

Recently, In a book of history, I found a quote from a speech by past American president Franklin Delano Roosevelt, given in 1936 at the location of the Alamo, in San Antonio Texas. Part of  that quote was: “but the Alamo stands out in high relief as our noblest exemplification of sacrifice, heroic and pure.” It struck me that in some ways the Flight 93 National Memorial is like the Alamo. It’s a tribute to acts of heroic and pure sacrifice of such a grand nature that it should never be forgotten.

Thanks to the selfless acts of these 40 individuals, the crew and passangers of Flight 93, the National Capital was saved, but they did perish in a field in rural Pennsylvania near Shanksville on September 11, 2001.

The Flight 93 National Memorial is still evolving. There are plans for a visitor center, the Memorial Groves, and landscaping and other improvements are under way. More improvements are in the works. Visit the NPS Web Site for this park for more information. And, visit there when you can.