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I received the Winter 2012 Edition of Life’s Better Outside from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. I get these notices because I signed up for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s email subscription service.

The parks still need your help. They have raised a little over a million dollars so there is good news. Last year when they announces the $4.6 million fundraising campaign, I thought how can I help. What I did was buy a park pass for $70, and book a weekend in a CCC-Era cabin. It’s how people of modest means (like me) can help out with the  budget shortfall created by heat, drought, wildfires and a drop in park visitation last year.

I noticed in this edition of the Life’s Better Outside the bigger better version of Great Texas Wildlife Trails. TPWD Wildlife Trails is nothing new. I remember discovering them a long time ago. What is new is the presentation. The web pages are modern with a layout that should be good for smart-phones and tablets as well as regular computers. The maps and linking of information is very usable, and the information is so much better than it was before. I don’t know when this site went live, but it sure is better than what it was a few years ago. I see these pages as a great travel companion for road trippers. The information isn’t just for state parks, it’s for all the other attraction in the area as well. It’s really not even limited to wildlife information. There’s tons of travel information for a broad range of attractions.

Great Texas Wildlife Trails is a very handy site and I hope you check it out soon.