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The Texas Hamburger: History of a Lone Star Icon: Rick VanderpoolThe book “The Texas Hamburger – History of a Lone Star Icon,” by Rick Vanderpool, is out. A picture of mine is included in the book, and yes, I feel very good about that. The picture is of a very popular old hamburger joint in Cleburne Texas.

Description From The Publisher

Texans are passionate about this signature sandwich, and photographer/writer Rick Vanderpool has become, in his own right, the Hambassador of Texas. In 2006, Rick undertook a quest to find and photograph the best Texas burgers, traveling over eleven thousand miles and visiting over seven hundred Texas burger joints. Since that time, he has continued his travels, sampling the finest the Lone Star State has to offer. He’s also picked up some fellow enthusiasts willing to share their own tasty tales along the way. From Fletcher Davis’s 1885 Athens creation (recipe included) and the Cheeseburger Capital of Texas in Friona to Whataburger #2 in Corpus Christi and Herd’s in Jacksboro, join Rick and his “Hamburger Helpers” on their journey celebrating the history of the original Texas hamburger.

More Info

The book starts out by painting a picture of the origins of the hamburger in Texas. There are several chapters dedicated to hamburger history. Rick’s research was quite broad going way beyond historical facts. Part of the brilliance of the book is that it contains so many stories, descriptions, and recommendations from people located all across the state of Texas. How else can one person write a book about Texas hamburgers? I learned this years ago: when traveling the best advice for places to eat usually comes from the locals.  Rick incorporated plenty of advice from many friends and acquaintances to write a book full of information on burger joints from across the state of Texas. This book is fun, informative and a valuable resource.

Texas hamburger joint enthusiasts will want to read “The Texas Hamburger: History of a Lone Star Icon”. This text could end up being a classic resource book for Texas road trip travelers. I guess it’s my practical side that makes me see things this way–beyond the art and prose of the author, this book is a road trip journal and potential resource for any of you charting the less-traveled byways and destinations.

Check out the Facebook page and you can buy a signed copy of the book here.

Note: Image of cover art provided by and Copyright (c) Rick Vanderpool.