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Star Of Texas Rocker
Home of the “Star of Texas Rocker”

There are so many pages on the Web that feature a picture of the Star of Texas Rocker but not much more. I just figured there wasn’t anything else here to see. What a surprise it was to find an interesting business next to the rocker. The main building is the Mercantile Store. They sell hand-made furniture and gifts of all sorts in there.

I really need to start with the mercantile building first. It’s made from native trees harvested in the area and cut up at the saw mill at Natty Flats. The building and the use of materials is quite different. It looks like they are using historical construction methods and materials. No drywall or drop-ceilings here.

There’s also a good collection of artifacts from the rural past of this area. Corn crib, old wagon, I already talked about the saw mill. Some of the furniture they build is also reminiscent of an earlier time. They even have authentic old fashion outhouses. A real treat for anyone that has never seen one before. They’re the real deal too, except for the modern plumbing and air conditioning, that is.

And, they have the Star of Texas Rocker. World’s largest rocking chair, almost 26 feel tall. They made it, by the way. Can’t buy these at the big-box building supply store. Nope.

Next door to the Mercantile Store is the Natty Flat Smoke House. A decent place to eat if your hungry for barbecue. They also have a functional soda fountain and make soda fountain drinks.

The worlds largest rocker is something to see, but they also do a good job of portraying the history of the area, and some of their hand made original furnishings are really outstanding.

Located on Highway 281 about 7 miles South of Interstate Highway 20. Not too far out of your way if your in this area traveling on I20. If your vacationing in the Granbury Texas area it’s not too far away and easy to work into your travel plan.

Natty Flat Texas on a Google Map