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Krause Springs in Spicewood Texas

Krause Springs is one heck of a swimming hole. This place has been on every list of the best places to swim in Texas that I have ever read. That means that quite a few other web sites have visited this destination and wrote elegantly about it. Here’s my quick take on this destination.

This swimming hole is on private property. So, it’s a little different than so many other swimming holes that are on public land or owned by cities. You’re basically swimming in someone else’s back yard.

What a yard though. The parking lot is sort of on top of a hill. There’s a house there and a garden of sorts. I think they call it a butterfly garden. Paths head down the hill form there to other area of this property. A little way down the path from the house are bath houses and picnic shelters. Then you will come to a man-made pool. Further down the hill in a valley are the springs and a creek. This bottom area is really beautiful. Huge cypress trees, water cascading over the hillside, a rope to swing on. Plenty of rocks and water, really just a wonderful place to swim and laze in the shade of ancient cypress trees.

The man-made pool is special because they are pumping spring water from below to fill this pool. You know the water is from springs because it’s so cold. The day I was there is was about 103 degrees, but 5 minutes in this pool and I couldn’t remember being hot. Because the water’s so cold it can be tricky getting in the first time. I advocate the all at once method. Just jump in and get it over. I guess you could call this a free-flow pool because the water is constantly flowing through it and the excess flows out the end of the pool and cascades down the hill into the creek below.

A truly unique place. Here’s location information and a map.