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After the 1938 flood of the Colorado River destroyed the older bridge at Regency Texas, Mills and San Saba counties combined their efforts to build a new bridge across the Colorado River at Regency.

Construction began in February 1939 and was completed in October of that same year. The Regency Suspension Bridge spans 340 feet from tower to tower. The bridge stands 25 feet above the recorded high water level of the Colorado River at Regency.

This bridge was restored in 1997. Really an amazing site. Pictures really don’t convey how high this bridge is above the river or how far it spans from side to side.

Many sites on the Web recommend driving on FM 574 and Mills County Road 433 to get to the bridge. This is a fine way to get there if you don’t mind driving on washboard gravel roads for about 5 miles. An alternative route is FM 500 near San Saba to Mills County Road 433. This map should help.