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Oakdale Park, Glen Rose Texas

Oakdale Park, Glen Rose Texas

Oakdale Park has a long history in Glen Rose Texas. Even before the park was built, the land and the water wells attracted people to stay here. The park, swimming pool, and bath house were built in 1925. More recently, the park has been purchased by the City of Glen Rose.

It’s not hard to find negative reviews for this park on the Web, and I have read some of them. Oakdale Park and just about everything in Oakdale Park is old. Just to be fair though, old does not always equal bad. The little cabins seem out of place today. The bath house and, well, just about everything else is old, mostly functional, but old. On the other hand, the pool, built in 1925, is enormous, even by today’s standards. The pool and the abundant shade around the pool make it one of the best places to swim in Glen Rose. [Edit: The city has made extensive improvements in the past year or two, 2011-2013. The pool has been updated and RV hookups are improved and expanded. A much better place to stay, but still old in all the right places.]

The history of Oakdale is interesting. Everyone calls this place Oakdale Park, but the sign out front of the park tells a slightly different story. It says, Oakdale Park, Motor Inn, Camping. That old sign is a clue to the history of  Oakdale Park. The park is, in reality, a surviving roadside camp and motor court. Motels as we know them today didn’t exist before the 1940’s. In the 1920’s and early 1930’s roadside camps gave road trip travelers a place to stay along the road but offered very little in the way of amenities. Eventually, accommodations became more elaborate. Cabins offered indoor plumbing and an opportunity for travelers to get indoors and out of the weather.  Oakdale Park is, among other things, a surviving 1930’s Motor Court.

Oakdale Park is an unobtrusive place. There’s no gate fee. Visitors can come in and look around. They rent trailer spaces and cabins, but swimming is a popular reason to stop here. The location of this place is outstanding. Big Rocks Park is just across the street, and Historic Downtown Glen Rose is just maybe a half-mile up the road.


Oakdale Park is located in Glen Rose Texas one-half mile south of US 67 on Hwy 144 S. It’s on the road that goes to the historical downtown and is across the street from Big Rocks Park.

For more information and a map do a Google search for “Oakdale Park in Glen Rose.” Right now their web site isn’t working.

Vintage Roadside has a wonderful history of motor courts, roadside camps, and motels.

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