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Somervell County Picnic Area Number 50

Somervell County Picnic Area Number 50

As you travel west from Glen Rose Texas on US Highway 67, you will pass through a hilly area. The change in scenery is pleasant after so much flat land. The road climbs up and up, until you come to the final steep climb. There’s a road side park at the very top of this hill. There’s really nothing there except the view and usually a cool breeze. Technically the place is called Somervell County Picnic Area No. 50.

A bronze plaque says that the park is dedicated to Walter Allen, a Maintenance Construction Foreman for the Texas Highway Department, dated 1973. Another sign says the land was donated by the Gibbs family, dated 1958. There’s an assortment of odd gathered and volcanic rocks used in a wall and curbing. Some larger rocks are used to create a monument of sorts.

These parks dot the landscape all across Texas. I believe they date back to a different era of travel. So may of them are little-used. This one seems popular, for the view and for the cool breeze that often blows through it.


Eight or nine miles west of Glen Rose Texas on Highway 67.

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