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Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose Texas

Big Rocks Park, Glen Rose Texas

Big Rocks Park, Glen Rose Texas

Big Rocks Park in Glen Rose Texas has been a popular hangout for a long time. As the name says, there are big rocks, result of some geologic event thousands of years ago, that I completely don’t understand. What makes it interesting is that the Paluxy River flows by the rocks and the river bed is rock. The unusual rock forms and the river make for an interesting place to hang out for a little bit. Wading in the water is a popular pastime here in the early summer when there’s still water in the Paluxy.
Even when it’s not Summer, this is a fun place. Climbing on the rocks and hanging out is great fun. In a dry winter you can walk down the river bed. Last year they built a walk way from the Paluxy Heritage Park to Big Rocks Park. So, now you can walk from Big Rocks over to Paluxy Heritage Park.
For another swimming option in Glen Rose, you might consider Oakdale Park. Oakdale has a big pool that was built in 1925 but that’s still a great swimming place today. They also rent cabins and RV parking spaces. Best of all, Oakdale Park is directly across the street from Big Rocks Park.


Glen Rose Texas
Along  SW Barnard St also known as SR 144, a few tenths of a mile from highway 67. Follow signs to the Historic Downtown and keep your eye open for the big green sign.

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Big Rocks Park, Glen Rose Texas

Big Rocks Park, Glen Rose Texas

Big Rocks Park, Glen Rose Texas

Big Rocks Park, Glen Rose Texas



For more information about the Glen Rose area see our Glen Rose Texas Guide.


  1. faye turner says:

    is it all put back together now. took grandkids up to see and it was all tore up very disapointing we’ll try this summer

  2. Sam says:

    Yes, all back together. They made some big improvements and also connected Big Rocks Park with Paluxy Heritage Park.

  3. Helen DeMore says:

    Aunt Faye! What a small world. Just saw your name and wanted to say hi.

  4. #1 Mom says:

    I love it!! when the river is flowing its just a great ball of terifficness!!

  5. Samantha Pruitt says:

    does it cost anything 😀 thanks

  6. Sam says:

    It’s free. Not much water this year though.

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