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Kimball Bend, today, is an Army Corps. of Engineers park along Highway 174 in Bosque County Texas, near the Brazos River bridge. It’s a great place to spend several days, if you have an RV and a boat. It has river access and is located close to Lake Whitney. The park has been improved sometime in the last few years and I hear it’s a good stay.

The present day park is at the site of the Brazos River crossing of the early day Chisholm Trail. Although the route of the Chisholm Trail seems to be some what a subject of debate, the fact that the trail crossed the river here seems sure.  In 1868, about the same time the Chisholm Trail got its start, there was also a ferry at this location. Cattle drives through this area brought prosperity until about 1875 when the drives shifted westward.

Today, ruins of three historic structures remain at this site: The ferry operator’s house, remnants of a store, and  the Kimball Public School. All thought the property is an Army Corps. of Engineers park, I was allowed free access when I asked about the historic site.

For the sake of your own experience, you might call ahead if you intend to stop here. As a historic site, this is not that compelling a place that it would merit a trip of its own. Consider a stop here when passing through.



Kimball Bend Park (TX)
3350 HWY 174
Kopperl TX 76652

County: Bosque


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