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The Somervell County Courthouse was constructed in 1894 and in 1986 the building received a complete restoration. Please read the short description and enjoy the images.


The Somervell County Courthouse is a simple two story structure featuring elements of Romanesque Revival and General Grant architectural styles. Intersecting hallways on the first floor divide the first floor space into four sections. The second floor features a courtroom and some office space. The building is modest in size, oblong in shape, and approximately 60 feet wide and 40 feet deep.

Courthouse Square

The courthouse square, much like the courthouse building, is modest in size. The two most notable buildings on the square are the First National Bank Building and the Campbell Building.

The courthouse square has been a popular gathering place for Somervell residents since the late 1880’s. Back before cars and grocery stores, farmers would bring stock animals and other goods to the square to sell. That tradition is still alive and well today. Local farmers continue to bring fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items to the town square for sale. They set up on the west side of the square where there are benches and plenty of shade provided by old pecan trees. Both the farmers tasty offerings and the conversation are refreshingly unique.

County History

Around 1860 Charles and Juana Barnard built a three story stone gristmill along the Paluxy River. The town that eventually grew around the mill was called Barnard’s Mill. In 1871 T.C. Jordan, bought the mill and surrounding land from Charles Barnard. Mrs. T.C. Jordan called the area around Barnard’s Mill Rose Glen as a reminder of her native Scotland. Years later the town’s people voted to rename the town Glen Rose.


107 NE Vernon St
Glen Rose, TX 76043


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County: Somervell

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