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The City Drug Store, on the town square in Jacksboro Texas, is a great example of an old fashioned drug store. They do a good business filling prescriptions and selling all the various merchandise sold in an old drug store. They also do a brisk business at the lunch counter and soda fountain. In the classic tradition of the small town drug store, the counter with its twelve stools is a popular place for locals to gather and enjoy good company.


No one seemed to know for sure, but I’m guessing there’s been a drug store at this location for a long time. City Drug has been owned and operated by the Hammond family since 1960. One of the owners told me the store has been basically the same since 1960. She told me, at some point in the past the soda fountain and counter were swapped from one side of the store to the other, but not much else has changed over the several decades since the 1960’s.

City Drug definitely has the look of the 1960’s. Formica counter tops in period colors rather than marble. Bright stainless steel back counter and fixtures rather than dark wood. As you walk in the front door the lunch counter and soda fountain are on the right and a display case and some retail shelves are on the left. Beyond the counter is an area to the right with six quaint little wooden booths. Mirrored walls and some charming old soda shop signage decorate this area. As you head further back into the store it’s a classic (and busy) drug store.

Oh, I almost forgot. City Drug in Jacksboro Texas was a Rexall drug store and still displays much of its original Rexall signage. See some of the pictures for examples.

I had a cheeseburger and a milkshake — both were good. Service was good. Place was squeaky clean; so clean that you notice clean.

There’s some subtle difference here in Jacksboro and in other small towns like it in rural Texas. Big box retailers are noticeably absent. Passed over by retail progress, the nearest Walmart is 25 miles away. I’ll let you decide if that’s good or bad, but the end result is that long standing local institutions like the corner drug store still exist. The community is still unique, its culture still intact, and if you pay attention, you just might notice the difference.

What’s Close By

Fort Richardson State Park is  just outside Jacksboro. A frontier fort established in 1867, today interesting for the remnants of frontier life and the trails within the park.


City Drug
104 East Belknap St.
Jacksboro, TX 76458
Corner of Belknap & Main, On the Square

County: Jack

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