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First Impression and Brief History

A few weeks ago I read a post on the Texas Highways blog about the town of West Texas. I’ve been talking about small towns along this stretch of I35, and West was one I’d visited. Anyway, that post kind of clicked for me because as you know, a road trip isn’t about the destination so much as it is the places you visit along the way. West, just like Grandview or Hillsboro is a good place to get away from the monotony of the Interstate and have some fun.

West is located north of Waco along Interstate 35. The KATY railroad influenced the early history of the town, and the old Katy Depot is still prominent in this little town today housing a railroad museum and information center. Czech and German immigrants, who were the early settlers, found the surrounding fertile land productive. Today Czech culture is still evident in West. The restaurants, the bakeries, West is the “Czech Heritage Capital of Texas.”

Along the I35 service road you can find a few shops, most notably the Czech Stop. These businesses serve the rushed commuter, in a hurry to be in and out. For the visitor with a little time to spare seeking a better impression of West, turn at the light and head on over to Main Street. Just far enough East of I35 to be out of site, but it’s really just a few blocks over to Main Street. The old town center is here with restaurants, gift and antique stores, and more bakeries. The railroad tracks run parallel to Main Street With the Kate Depot on the West side of the tracks and the old town commercial district on the opposite side.

So I’ve said just about all I want to about West. There are so many Web sites out there with history and background information already. I don’t want to compete with that. It’s an interesting little town north of Waco on I35. I liked it. Here are my pictures and other resources.

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Westfest Polka Festival

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