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A while back I wrote a post about a road trip across a stretch of Route 66 in Oklahoma. By dumb luck I picked a great stretch of the Mother Road. My drive started in Stroud Oklahoma which is home to the Rock Cafe. Both a Route 66 Roadside Attraction and a National Register Property, the Rock Cafe has some serious credentials as a heritage tourism and Route 66 attraction.

So I had my trip and came back and wrote about it, including a little information about the Rock Cafe. My take on the Rock Cafe then was that not only was the property authentically old and storied, but the way the business was operated was true to an earlier era before national franchises dominated everything related to travel. This place was authentic. I likened it to the provenance of a collectible item.

Imagine my dismay to find out a month later that the Rock Cafe had burned! I don’t know Dawn or her husband and family, but I couldn’t help but feel bad about their loss. The Rock Cafe was operated as a family business, and I imagined the loss was personal for them.

Recently, I found a blog chronicling the clean up and restoration of the Rock Cafe in Stroud Oklahoma. This blog presents such a wonderful first person perspective on the progress of the cleanup and reinvention of the Rock Cafe. I want to share it and some other links, and also present my pictures of the cafe, taken about a month before the fire.

The blog I speak of is:

Background information on Dawn and the Rock Cafe at the Oklahoma Route 66 Association.

An article on the Edmond Outlook about the Sally side of Dawn.

Last and probably least are my snapshot pictures. Sadly they document the building before the fire. But, it was only the building that burned. It can be rebuilt. The spirit of the place survives via Dawn and her family and employees.

Rock Cafe in Stroud Oklahoma