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Highland Park Texas got its name because it sat on high land overlooking Dallas, and because of a plan to reserve 20% of the developed land for parks. Wilbur David Cook, who was one of the the planners of Beverly Hills, California, laid out the plans for development of the area. incorporated in 1913 as Highland Park. The 3rd wealthiest location in Texas by per capita income according to the Wikipedia.

Highland Park Pharmacy, an old-time soda fountain, lunch counter, and pharmacy in operation since 1912. Today owned by Sonny and Gretchen Minyard Williams. They strive to maintain the original charm of this storied old pharmacy and soda fountain.

Today almost out of place among the high priced commercial space surrounding Highland Park Pharmacy. On-street parking is in short supply and you may have to drive around. Unlike some other old soda fountains in Texas, this one is in the heart of the Twin Cities are in Dallas.

The soda jerks can make you a strong Coke or an ice cream soda. The chicken salad sandwich is legendary. The current owners have made a great effort to preserve the essence of an old pharmacy and soda shop. Many of the store fixtures, flooring, lights, even little details like the 5 cent suckers at the cash register. Their not 5 cents anymore, but the attention to detail was evident.

Just a few blocks off 75 Central Express Way on Knox Street. If you are in the area consider stopping.

3229 Knox St
Dallas TX 75205

County: Dallas

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