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Beth Marie’s is a charming ice cream and soda shop on the Square in Denton Texas. This shop has so many of the features of an old time soda shop: authentic old building with presses tin ceilings, checkered floor, quaint soda shop tables, and an impressive counter complete with stools.

They’re doing all the things that made the old soda shops grand, yet Beth Marie’s opened for business in 1998. They mix carbonated drinks from syrup and soda water. They make real ice cream sodas, and believe it or not they actually make their own ice cream!

They make more flavors of ice cream than will fit on the menu. Be prepared to do some major decision making because the flavor options are extensive. A long time ago when soda fountains were a relatively new thing, say 80 years ago, ice cream wasn’t a commodity item like it is now. Shops made their own ice cream, much like Beth Marie’s does today.

Besides the great frozen treats, Beth Marie’s serves lunch: sandwiches and soups. They also do catering and parties.

Beth Marie’s is located on the Square in Denton Texas. Denton has an active downtown with plenty to do and see. Unlike so many other old town squares in Texas, Denton’s downtown is a lively place. Because there are residential neighborhoods close by, and also because the University of North Texas campus is just down the road, locals frequent the square. The courthouse lawn is a gathering place where people come to meet and hang out. Musicians frequently gather and play. On top of all this, the courthouse is open to the public, not only during the week—but on Saturday as well.


Beth Maire’s
117 West Hickory St.
Denton, Texas 76201

County: Denton


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