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Tolar Texas Windmill FarmTolar Texas Windmill Farm

Tolar Texas is a little town along highway 377 between Granbury and Stephenville Texas. Windmills are what puts Tolar on the map.

The Windmill Farm in Tolar Texas is as uncomplicated as it could be. No entry fee, more than 40 windmills on 26 acres, drive through, walk around, open pretty much all day. They’re not really selling anything. It’s more like an open invitation to view a private collection of vintage windmills. They do have several cabins you can rent and they also restore and repair windmills.

If you’re in this area to tour Granbury, you might find a way to work this place into your trip. Tolar and the Windmill Farm are at the intersection of Highway 377 and County Road 56 South. CR 56 South goes to Glen Rose. Glen Rose and Dinosaur Valley State Park are popular destinations in this area. So, depending on how you travel, the Windmill Farm may be close by and worth stopping to see.


Chuck & Ruby Rickgauer
The Tolar Windmill Farm
6625 Colony Road
Tolar, Texas 76476

County: Hood

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