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Hico Texas

Home of Cowboys and Legends

Hico Texas is a speck of a town along highway 281, between the rural towns of Stephenville and Hamilton, in North Central Texas. This community has a historic commercial district that is interesting for what it’s not. Yes it has antique stores and boutique shops. Yes it has a few restaurants. It also has a true vintage feel about it. The vintage painted signs on the sides of buildings are interesting. The place is fixed up, but not too fixed up.

The landscape of this area of Texas is fairly sparse. It’s rocky with rolling hills and occasional mesas and buttes. Side trips in this area of the state are recommended for those interested in recent geologic history. Recent being relative, of course.

I must mention Hico’s own legend. In the 1950’s, Hico resident Ollie Roberts, also known as Brushy Bill, apparently claimed to be the western outlaw Billy the Kid. There’s a Billy the Kid Museum downtown. They will be glad to tell you the story.

The Koffee Kup Family Restaurant is a Hico Texas must see. The pies are award-winning. That’s what the sign out front said, anyway. The onion rings aren’t bad either, if you ask me.

Hico Texas is an interesting place along a popular highway. If you find yourself planning a trip through this are, consider spending a few hours in this little town.

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County: Hamilton


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