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Yes it’s small, the building is about twelve foot square. Yes it’s old, they’ve been making burgers here for 50 or 60 years. According to the owner of The Burger Bar, the building was originally the office area for a wagon yard. That’s wagon as in horse and wagon. The barn burned down leaving only this tiny building which became a taxi stand then a used car lot and then finally The Burger Bar.

The grill they cook on is 100 years old and the owner credits it for the great taste of the burgers. The fries are good. Not like those fries you get at fast food restaurants that taste like they never met a potato in their life. They have sodas available in long neck bottles. I don’t know where they get them, but they looked old enough to be collectible.

The owner told me she and her husband purchased the business three years ago to keep a long standing tradition going in Cleburne Texas. They frequently get customers in who have driven great distances just to eat in this place.

I remember that The Burger Bar was mentioned in an article about the best burger places in Texas, a few years back, in the magazine, Texas Highways.

As I said, this place has been serving burgers for at least 50 years. The building is unique, the burgers are great, really this is more than just a place to get cooked hamburger on a bun. This is a small town family-run business where the pace is a little slower, the service a little better, and the conversation a little more animated.

Places like The Burger Bar are slowly disappearing because they can’t compete with mass-market burger stores and 99-Cent Value Menus. If you hunger for a taste of small-town Texas culture and a good burger than visit this place before it’s gone.


Burger Bar
109 N. Anglin St.
Cleburne, Texas

(817) 645-9031

County: Johnson

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UPDATED 10/23/2011 – Added six new image of the Burger Bar in Cleburne Texas. Rick Vanderpool declared The Burger Bar smallest burger joint in Texas.

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