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Spring Ho Festival

Spring Ho Festival this week in Lampasas Texas

Funny name, serious small town festival.

Spring Ho has been on the second full weekend in July since 1972. Events all week, but they save the best for the weekend. No one is ever going to confuse mid-July in Lampasas Texas for Spring. The festival is a celebration of the mineral water springs. They have them all over the place. Hottest day of the Summer in the middle of a drought, the water still keeps gushing up out of the ground. Now that is something to celebrate.

This small town festival has all the events and activities you would expect. For starters they have a parade. Now you knew that. And, of course you know they are going to have several BBQ cook-offs. Bet you don’t know they have a Rubber Ducky Derby and a Beauty Pageant though. Well, as much water as they have around Lampasas, you know a lot of people have rubber ducks, and of course they have to pick a new Miss Spring Ho because no one wants to have that title for more than a year. The whole thing is a hoot, and the funny name is appropriate.

See the Spring Ho web site for full event information. Continue reading →

Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden in Lampasas Texas

Lampasas Sculpture Garden in Campbell Park

The Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden occupies the park space at historic Hanna Springs. Local artist Nancy Gray originated the idea of a sculpture garden and was instrumental in its early development. Lampasas Association for the Arts, a 501 (C)3 non-profit organization dedicated to Expanding opportunities for everyone to experience the arts, promotes and operates the garden while the city owns the park. Continue reading →

The Murals of Lampasas Texas

For anyone visiting Lampasas for a day or more, locating and enjoying the murals is a great way to spend a little time. The murals tell individual stories of the heritage of Lampasas. For now they are all near the historic district, so it’s possible to find them while your exploring the downtown area. Continue reading →